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09 November 2017 Thursday
We are a society consisting of young researchers who work on Cardiotocography. Any researcher who wishes can participate in our research group.

What are the advantages of participating in the research group?

  1. We work on advanced and modern signal processing, pattern recognition, machine learning, and deep learning methods in order to ensure more effective clinical decision support systems for CTG signals. By joining our group, you can work with us on these methods.
  2. We can prepare academic studies to be evaluated in journals or conferences. CTG research team members set their own research topic and agenda. The researcher makes a call for paper, first. Then, other members can join the study. Thus, we can prepare universal studies. It is a feeling that excites us to prepare an academic study with researchers working in different universities around the world. As such, we publish our research regularly at top academic conferences and release our tools. 
  3. We can expand the impact of our work. As our group expands, we believe that very different experimental studies can be done with very different methods. In each work performed within the group, we can extend the effect of our work by mentioning our related works.
  4. We can help each other. Research at our group has a collaborative structure. Any materials, any source codes, and any problems can be solved easily inside the group. The people who comprise Research at our group also actively share their research through publication in conventional scientific journals and through other venues such as industry forums, standards bodies, and open source software and product feature releases.

How to participate in the research group?

  1. Please do not hesitate to contact us. 
  2. You can join us with a simple email. Please, send us a CV in order to join us. 
  3. Mail :

Research Community


The members prepare universal papers collaboratively.

Join us

Please feel free to join us. This is a sharing platform.


The papers published by the community can be examined easily at here.


Soon, you can download CTG-OAS. We are waiting for completion of the publication process.

Please feel free to meet and join us.

This is an academic platform. Please feel free to meet and join us. A wide variety of talented members give our team the opportunity to innovate in nearly every domain of Biomedical Signal Processing, especially Cardiotocography.

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