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A Study of Artificial Neural Network Training Algorithms for Classification of Cardiotocography Signals 26.12.2017
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Sami Güngör 4.07.2017
Using wavelet transform for cardiotocography signals classification 4.07.2017
Cardiotocography analysis based on segmentation-based fractal texture decomposition and extreme learning machine 4.07.2017
Zhang Yang 20.06.2017
A Study Based on Gray Level Co-Occurrence Matrix and Neural Network Community for Determination of Hypoxic Fetuses 3.06.2017
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Zafer CÖMERT 1.06.2017
Cardiotocography Signals with Artificial Neural Network and Extreme Learning Machine 1.06.2017
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Evaluation of Fetal Distress Diagnosis during Delivery Stages based on Linear and Nonlinear Features of Fetal Heart Rate for Neural Network Community 28.05.2017
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Detection of Acceleration and Deceleration Patterns of Fetal Heart Rate Signal 28.05.2017
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